Tokyo Bay Parkour Big Flip Statue Of Liberty 5696

Tokyo Bay Parkour Big Flip Statue Of Liberty 5696
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This series captures the energy of the human body within the architecture of our urban environments, seeing these spaces as a playground. Our urban environments are so controlled where every movement is restricted in one way or another - I want to break down these barriers. This series is about far more than athletes, bricks and mortar. Architecture comes alive offering a never-ending set of challenging surfaces and spaces to those willing enough to explore them.

Shot in city centers, abandoned graffiti soaked warehouses and deserted car parks. The series aims to push the visual energy of Parkour & Freerun, not only in the motion of their bodies but with light play on particles exploding within the scene – all created ‘in camera’. Shot On Medium Format Hasselblad H3d 39 MegaPixel - MODEL RELEASED

see the main protfolio in high res at the studio website

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Title: Tokyo Bay Parkour Big Flip Statue Of Liberty 5696
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