Body Study 6846

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Body Study 6846
naked nude girl woman heavy weave jumper hanging on rusted steel chains hooks factory white brick wall window gree glass

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Body Study - An homage to Robert Mapplethorpe & Helmut Newton. Both Newton and Mapplethorpe were in stark contrast to Alexander’s practice, they often had a camera in the bedroom or wherever their subjects were at their most exposed; screwing in a dingy backwater club toilet or a pay by the hour hotel room. Their fixation was on transgression, sadism, evil, and death. Incapable of love, they used and abused people, including themselves. Whilst Mapplethorpe and Newton were perversely proud of their lack of technical knowledge Newton swings the balance, having a brilliant but cold eye, ruthlessly objectifying their sex partners, muses and models alike. ‘They were the  forerunners in this practice, which is both mesmerizing and very unsettling to me’ says Alexander.
Objectification is being compounded by career hungry image makers and advertisers alike these days, Alexanders aim is to move the art forward without the use of sensationalism; opposing the media stream to find his own path.

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