Q. What is this website?

A. This back catalogue contains a collection of past projects by artist Alexander James Hamilotn founder of the the Distil Ennui Studio™ in 1990. The catalogue contains entire photographic reels from selected bodies of work, presented here unedited. All images are raw files from the original scanned 5 by 4 inch, 10 by 8 inch & 6 by 6 cm  transparency film plates and Hasselblad digital capture files. These images are not available anywhere else and are available for rights managed licensing only. If you would like to view an edited collection of recent works then please visit the Distil Ennui Studio™ website.

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Q. What prints are available?

A. Non-Edition commercial installation prints are available by special request in large format sizes up to 1,600cms. These prints are released under strict rights managed terms only, with no commercial resale.
Q. Can I see higher resolution images ?
A. All images are shot on either 6x6 medium format (film & 40Mpx digital), 5x4" or 10x8" transparency film with the finest quality in house RAW film scans, all ready prepared and loaded onto this resource for immediate access.  The quality of these images is difficult to see here in a mere 72dpi resolution on this website. To view high res images please select the images and contact use to arrange a closer look.
Q. How do I get usage licence pricing information ?

A. All images are available on a rights managed basis only, the fee to license or reproduce an image is based specifically how it will be used at all times. Clients relating to potential licensing will be asked to verify in detail all usage required. All subsequent paperwork will refer specifically to these notified uses, and these uses alone.
Q. Do you offer images with Exclusivity ?
A. All images are solely offered on an exclusive basis by default, no image will be re-licensed for a minimum period of 12 months affording each use exclusivity across all mediums. 
Q. Do you offer Royalty Free images or Subscription services ?

A. Since all images are only available on a rights managed basis, there are no Royalty Free images or Subscription services of any kind.