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Red Light District 00132
redlight neon light fluo red purple pink shoes heels prostitutes sex-worker hooker shoes women men street window shopping curtain drinking talking radio action legs sitting window street Antwerp Belgium Schipperskwartier

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A fine art photographic series of images focusing on women's plight or profession working as sexworkers in the redlight district of Antwerp, Belgium. The series hopes to highlight that perhaps the sex workers themselves are not the unpleasant side of this business, but the clients themselves. Either solitary or in groups, the males prowling neon soaked streets look menacing. Somehow in these images the girls are transformed into angels trapped in the devils lair - bathed in glowing, ethereal light. These images attempt not to convey or deny virtue, but to engage discussion.
NB - the covert nature of how this sexworker series was shot, means that no model release is in place. Whilst in most of the images no single person is identifiably recognisable, it should be noted that we would blur subjects faces where this is not the case on any commercial use to protect peoples identities. This does not apply to fine art or canvas prints.
Behind the scenes footage

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