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Underwater Dutch Vanitas Still Life 0477
Dutch vanitas still life artists masters flowers underwater black symbolism realism light water peach fruit art pear bug beetle bowl pure purity justice insects butterfly violet melancholy pink red yellow rippled bunch tulip aesthetic objects Netherlands Europe horticulture leaf blue white ribbon beauty soft painting

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Dutch still life. A series of 17th century still life images depicting the work of the Dutch masters. A body of work created entirely underwater with ebbing waves of light refracting off the scene. Image is captured ‘in-camera’ with no cropping and no post production either traditional or digital. These views of flowers, as aesthetic objects and as religious symbols, merged to create a very strong market for this type of still life. The symbolism of flowers had evolved since early Christian days. The most common flowers and their symbolic meanings include: rose (Virgin Mary, transience, Venus, love); lily (Virgin Mary, virginity, female breast, purity of mind or justice); tulip (showiness, nobility); sunflower (faithfulness, divine love, devotion); violet (modesty, reserve, humility); columbine (melancholy); poppy (power, sleep, death). 

Natural objects began to be appreciated as individual objects of study apart from any religious or mythological associations.

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